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Co - Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities 2019-20
At Queens International School education means a scientific approach and understanding of the structure of society. Education equips one with better skills and helps to analyze the physical and intellectual aspects of the world around. Based on the above value system the educational plan is made to take care of the all-round development of the students. The examination is one of the important aspects of the envisaged educational plan.
Daily, Weekly  and Term examinations and Annual exams are meticulously conducted and based on the overall performance, the progress report of the student is recorded. The parents are also involved in assessing the students' performance of the tests periodically through parent-teacher review meetings.
A healthy physique is the primary prerequisite for a healthy mind. Hence, indoor as well as outdoor games, drills and physical exercises are extensively practiced by the students under professional coaches.
In order to bring out the latent talents classes in fine arts and crafts are conducted wherein the learned about carpentry, drawing, classic dance and music. To make the students develop the qualities of social interaction, debate and film club forms part of the students extracurricular activities.
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